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Fish Hobbyist

Studio Roof P2,950.00
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Turn yourself into a nature explorer and investigate different fauna and flora from around the world! Unwrap a surprise chest full of pop-out cardboard animals and paper leaves and build up a magnificent world on your walls.

Bubbling their way up from salty seas and freshwater lakes, these fishes and seaweed are happy to turn your rooms into an aquatic paradise!


product information

  • 3D objects to build, come flatpacked;
  • Included are 6 fish and 10 pieces of pop-out seaweed, as well as some double-sided foam tape to place the seaweed on the wall;
  • Made of recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks;
  • Dimensions of the biggest fish when built up: 18x7x11 cm – 7×2.8×4.3” ;
  • 4 x A4 cardboard sheet with 28 pieces to pop out and assemble and 4 x A4 paper sheet with 10 pieces of seaweed to pop out;
  • Assembly instructions can be found inside of the packaging.