Freelance Desginer Pin

Freelance Desginer Pin

Asilda P600.00
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My dad was an artist when I was little. I started to play tennis and we needed more money to pay for my lessons and travels. So my dad quit what he loved doing to make more money for the family. He used to draw these little people and make oil and watercolor paintings. He had exhibitions in London and Berlin before he gave it all up for me. Now it's my turn to revive his passion and collaborate on the new pin series we decided to call Asilda World. The series will feature little people of various professions, similar to the work of Irving Penn who photographed people of various professions in Paris, New York, and London. 


It's a big commitment when you choose to be a freelancer and pursue your passion full time. This pin is a tribute to all the female freelance designers out there who choose freedom and creative directions of your own. We need more designers, we need more ways to find talent. I'm on Dribble and Behance every day and maybe one day I'll run into you!

  • 1.12" Size
  • Cloisonne Lapel Pin 
  • Polished Gold Metal
  • Rubber Clutch
  • Asilda Store Backstamp