Eternally Wild Patch

Eternally Wild Patch

Asilda P500.00
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We're born with no idea how everything works and looks. As we grow older, everything and everyone around us start putting boxes on things. Some of us never break free of that. I think I personally am at the point in life where I either rebel or forever be locked up in the routine way of living. 

This design was inspired by the idea that we should be forever free: to create, to explore, to think how we want to think, to be charismatic individuals like we were when growing up. 

I'm a big fan of the Western culture, of the vast planes of Wyoming, of the rodeo, of epic red cliffs of Utah National Parks. This Eternally Wild design is a bit different from the rest, but I wanted to rebel and create something new. 

Size: 3"
Iron-on (sewing on is recommended). Watch the instructional video