Keep What Matters Pin

Keep What Matters Pin

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At some point in life you'll walk around the house and realize all the unnecessary stuff you purchased in the past that now clutters your home. With more money comes realization that buying more is not always the best thing to do. Eventually you begin the search for the things that matter. 

Last holiday season I had to make sure that the store runs smoothly and everyone is getting orders as quickly as possible. I had to punch holes in each patch and pin backing card and when my hands began to get numb from all this work, I decided I'll keep a little memory of these 6 weeks of my life. I found a jar and started collecting all the punched circles in it. By mid-December the jar filled up and it is now my reminder to always be ready to do the work and go the extra step. During these times the idea for this design came about. Now my home is my jar and I fill it with things that are important to me. All the old stuff got thrown away. There is no reason to keep things that don't matter. Keep what matters. 

  • 1" Size
  • Cloisonne Lapel Pin 
  • Polished Gold Metal
  • Rubber Clutch
  • Asilda Store Backstamp