Whole Lotta Lung Sticker Whole Lotta Lung Sticker

Whole Lotta Lung Sticker

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Let someone know what lung is by getting them a huge lung sticker for their water bottle, laptop or bike! Perfect for sharing, prizes, or awareness campaigns. Cute lung stickers send a smile to the wee asthma sufferer. All jokes aside, respiratory illness is no laughing matter. Includes 1 outdoor-quality vinyl stickers, approximately 3" x 3". Designed in California, made in China.

Lung stickers breathe awareness into tough topics such as cystic fibrosis, lung transplant, asthma, COPD and other serious lung diseases. Bring a bag of lung stickers to your next lung health awareness event or fundraiser. Delight your pulmonologist, anesthesiologist, respiratory therapist, medical school student, health professional, or lung enthusiast with this lovable lung sticker set.  Educational packaging describes the magic of your heavy-breathing, hard-working, never-sleeping lungs. 

What do lungs do, again? Lungs help you breathe! These organs bring fresh oxygen into our bodies, removing carbon dioxide and other gas waste products so we can breathe easy. Next time you inhale, give thanks to these powerful windbags. Circulatory system gas exchange is when your heart and lungs work together to swap oxygen and carbon dioxide. Lungs inhale air, sending oxygen through alveoli and capillaries, into the heart and onward in your bloodstream.