Uterus Sticker Uterus Sticker

Uterus Sticker

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Share your uterus with everyone you know with uterus stickers! Get ready to make any labor and delivery nurse, hysterectomy patient, endometriosis warrior, pregnant mom or OB/GYN smile with a cute uterus sticker! Share your love for the mother of all organs by tossing a uterus onto your bike, water bottle or laptop. Show off your uterine pride or gift one to your gynecologist. 

Cute uterus cartoon stickers are perfect for prizes or awareness campaigns. Includes 1 outdoor-quality vinyl sticker, approximately 3" x 3". Designed in California, made in China.

Menstruation! Ovulation! Reproduction! Pregnancy! Miscarriage! Reproductive Rights! Sexual Health! Oh my! We can't take all the uterine excitement. Bring awareness to everything uterine with these adorable uterus stickers.

What is the uterus and what does it do? Every human being on Earth got their start inside a uterus! As everyone's first home, the uterus is truly the coolest organ (sorry brain and heart!) with special superpowers all its own. Not only can the uterus grow other organs, such as the placenta, it can nurture and grow an entire new human being. The uterus is usually the size of a small pear, but it grows to the size of a watermelon during pregnancy.