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Tooth Sticker

I Heart Guts P70.00
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Cute tooth stickers will bring on the smiles for dentists and patients alike. Get a grin with that oral surgery gift basket, adorable for a dental hygienist water bottle or office laptop. Show your pearly whites some respect or thank your dentist for all they do to make you smile. These tooth character stickers are great for your dentist office giveaway basket for patients! Includes 1 outdoor-quality vinyl tooth sticker, approximately 3" x 3". Designed in California, made in China.

What are human teeth and what do they do in our mouths all day? Our teeth crush food! The digestive system would be lost without these tough enamel nuggets smashing food in our mouths before it goes to the stomach. Show your orthodontist or periodontist some love with a cute little tooth pin! These teeth buttons are great dental office giveaway ideas.