I Heart Rainbows Puffies

I Heart Rainbows Puffies

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Removable stickers for personalizing your phone or tech devices.

Over the rainbow and straight to your heart! Puffies are the perfect mash-up of gold enamel pin meets sticker. These gold-detailed, dimensional stickers perfectly accessorize any smart device. Or any notebook, planner, or stationery for that matter!

¥ A fashionable way to personalize your phone at a fraction of the cost of pricey phone cases.
¥ Puffies work best on smooth, hard, non-greasy surfaces like plastic, metal, paper, glass, or composites.
¥ Puffies come affixed to 3" x 5.5" clear backing sheet. Just peel off and apply!
¥ Customize your phone or phone case with an original design of your own!
¥ Repositionable and wonÕt leave any residue. Swap out designs as frequently as you like!